Victoria Martin is a high school English teacher from New Jersey. A lifelong learner, Victoria has been a dedicated educator for over ten years. As the lead teacher to such classes as World Literature, British Literature, AP Language & Composition as well as Journalism, Media & Pop Culture-Victoria has guided her students towards achieving their collegiate dreams through the written word. Victoria received her Masters in English Education from Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education and then went on to complete her Educational Leadership, Supervision and Principal certifications through Montclair University.

Victoria prides herself on professionalism and guiding her students and clients towards their ultimate success. With the written word comes immense responsibility and opportunity. With Victoria’s professional guidance, her students have been accepted to some of the most elite universities and colleges, both nationally and abroad.

There is no greater indicator of a student’s intellectual ability than the way in which they write. With careful consideration to each student’s personal beliefs, extra curricular activities and personality, Victoria and her team will provide the structure, guidance and encouragement necessary for college-bound students to not only gain acceptance into their dream university, but exceed even their own expectations for success.

Victoria Martin, The College Essay Mom